Welcome to the VR Store UK, a small website run by an experienced team with a vision for the future.

Our Vision

Our dream is to make Virtual Reality and 360 videos simple to use and enjoyable by everyone.

There are so many exciting opportunities that are hindered by over-complicated technology jargon without a simple way to get started. Our goal is to change this for you and to make VR and 360 videos easy and fun for everyone.


Is Virtual Reality for you?

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by VR being promoted as computer games gadgets, VR offers you an experience that can be applied to almost anything that interests you.


To mention just a few situations, VR allows you to:

  1. Go on a rollercoaster and feel your tummy jump while sitting still.
  2. Relive moments as if you are standing in that same place again.
  3. Watch your child’s first steps or first bike ride cycling past you.
  4. See a concert and the atmosphere around you.
  5. Walk in a carnival, not just watch a normal video.
  6. Watch films where the action is happening all around you.
  7. Experience a famous night club.
  8. Relive a special sporting moment.
  9. Visit buildings, sport stadiums and get guided tours.
  10. Experience famous tourist attractions including the atmosphere and surroundings.
  11. Visit your favourite places even if you can’t travel to them anymore.


You probably get the picture by now. VR is for everybody and the only things you need is your imagination and the quick guides to virtual reality.



We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


The Web Team

The team behind the build and marketing has more than 15 years experience of the ecommerce industry and has an impressive track record of growing revenues online for both small and large companies. The latest project transformed an international white goods company’s after sales revenue from tens of thousands to a multi million annual turnover.
All this experience is now being focused on virtual reality products and we are as confident as before that we’ll achieve the same success once again.

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.